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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by florent2, Jun 29, 2018.

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  1. florent2

    florent2 User

    (I'm sorry, i'm not very good in English, i'm French :Kappa: :rolleyes: If there are big mistakes, I let moderators correct me lol)

    Hello everyone !
    I would like to have some advice from the best of you, to develop even faster, optimize the free space of my airport, and take the most advantageous planes ! In truth, I don't know what to change on my airport lol ! What should I buy now ? Which planes must go to scrap, which should I buy / replace...?
    Give me all your tips here, I'm interested :D

    Small inventory of the planes I own :

    Small hangar (23/23)

    - x2 Rama-Falcon

    - x3 1930s Racer Hughes
    - x2 Rama-XS SuperQuickie
    - x3 Rama-XS Quickie
    - x3 Ramaliner Eclipse (level max ♥)
    - x1 Bee's Knees (S)
    - x1 Rama-S Quatro
    - x1 1930s Racer Mister Mulligan
    - x1 1930s Racer Bulldog
    - x1 Rama-Xplore
    - x1 1930s Racer GeeBee
    - x4 Rama-XS Cargo

    Medium hangar (14/14)

    - x1 Ramaliner M

    - x1 Pumpkinjumbo
    - x3 Rama M Turbo
    - x1 McDowell PA-21
    - x1 Peace Plane
    - x3 Rama M SuperTurbo
    - x3 Rama M Cargo
    - x1 Santa Glaze

    Ramacopter Hangar (9/9)

    - x1 PumpkinHeli

    - x1 Ramacopter Quickie
    - x1 Ramacopter Turbo
    - x1 Rama-Ambulance
    - x2 Ramacopter Steady
    - x1 Ramacopter Seaking
    - x1 Buddy Helly
    - x1 Earwing

    Seaplane Hangar (7/7)

    - x1 SeaRama-Solo

    - x2 SeaRama-Amphib
    - x1 Rama-Firefighter
    - x2 SeaRama-Clipper
    - x1 SeaRama-Aqua

    I just translated every name of planes from French to English, I want to die... I need water, fastly. :confused:

    There are not many I know ahah


    My airport has :

    - x4 Medium Runway
    - x2 Seaport
    - x4 Helipad
    - x7 Medium Cargo Bay
    - x1 Slall Cargo Bay
    - x18 Medium Bay
    - x1 Small Bay

    (Oh my god I hate translate !)

    And... I don't think I have forgotten anything !

    The space is almost completely occupied, there are only 2 boxes of width right-right not used yet.
    I'm having trouble getting AirCoins, and mainly AirCash. Advices

    In my warehouse, I can store 720 of each commodity.

    For those wishing to add me
    --> Pseudonym : florent2
    --> UserID : 1503943
    --> Country : France

    It would help me a lot, I took a break of 2 years so I have almost no friend really active !

    Finally, I would like to know the most advantageous planes to take in the current event, I can take 4 planes maximum I think, there is not much time left...

    Thanks so much for reading everything :

    Thank you in advance for all your advices !
    And maybe see you soon on the game ;)

    Ps : Pour les français, j'ai posté le même topic en français dans la section francophone, merci à vous :D

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