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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by ~NightHawk~, Jun 24, 2020.

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  1. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    Zebra Swift Runner & Redfire V1????
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  2. Karic

    Karic User

    Poor event ;/
  3. LabuDabi

    LabuDabi User

    I don't know if happy hour can affect the bonus code:(
  4. cupid151

    cupid151 User

    No point in notifying them o anything since freedom of speech is not allowed,xnn They just deleate.If someone does not tell the truth I call them out on it
  5. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    Dear moderators,
    do you know if the missing planes are going to be added in the construction hall?
    thank you for your reply
    (Zebra Swift Runner & Redfire V1 )
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  6. olandiano

    olandiano User

    I am sorry, but i have to response here. You can not tell here there is no freedom of speech, because there is. But i have read your comment and if i was a mod, i cancelled also. Its not very fair and honest of you if you say they are lyers now and in the past, and they don,t want put the planes in the event. The mods not making the rules , and not put the planes in the events. They are to help everybody if they can. They don,t like it also the same as all of us the XL planes are not already in the event. Think before you write something..3 years ago when there are the old forums again from each country, you has got a warning and you where Lucky if jou are not banned from the forum. They not deserve what you has written...
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  7. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello ptiprince,

    unfortunately we still have no information about when the L-planes will be added to the event. :confused:

    Kind regards,
  8. cupid151

    cupid151 User

    All I expect is honesty.They should not promise what will not happen.If there is a mistake say sorry I was wrong this will not happen
  9. firehawk69

    firehawk69 User

    I do not understand ... the last event that these L - Planes were offered we could purchase them with the trophies and there was no problem !!! :confused:
    To put them in the construction hall is just ridicolous :mad:
    Can you imagine how long it will take to build 100's of these :eek:
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  10. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello together,

    the L-planes are now available, they are now also available in the events shop.:)

    Kind regards,
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  11. It is a constantly repeated event, there is never a machine in it that I need. Couldn't new machines be introduced? Always just the same ones?
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  12. An administrator who keeps in touch with the developers would do well to bend more and more machines into the game. These machines are so old that many people might still be playing with these machines, but we really need a good big upgrade .Someone may not be bored with existing planes, but there are those who are prone to new planes, especially those that fly in reality. I don't think that if developers chose the name Lufthansa and made an Airbus 737,757,320,319,321,340,380 they would even support it.

    Think about it. You would choose the airline you want. There would be even more players and those who stopped playing would come back. It's all up to us to make that dream come true in the game and if it cost a lot of development work, but it's worth it.
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  13. looks like game ends in december 2020, so why would they bother xD
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  14. phboos

    phboos User

    It is still unfortunate that after a certen level we don't get new tasks to do. Our only chalenge is getting a higher levels and adding planes to our fleet,and this cost hangar space.
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