Flashback Event III 2014

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    Flashback Event III FAQ

    Event Currency


    Jet-Set Jet


    Small Plane
    Cost -100 Event Currency
    Time: 2 Hours
    Cost: 12 Passengers
    Reward: 200 AirCoins, 19 EP
    (VIP Event 2013)



    Medium Plane
    Cost -200 Event Currency
    Time: 3 Hours
    Cost: 100 Passengers
    Reward: 50 AirCoins, 50 EP
    (Birthday Suprise 2012)

    Backwater Plane


    Cost -140 Event Currency
    Time: 8 Hours
    Cost: 1 Passenger
    Reward: 600 AirCoins, 55 EP
    (History Event 2013)

    Star Wolf


    Cost -85 Event Currency
    Time: 24 Hours
    Cost: 80 Passengers
    Reward: 850 AirCoins, 70 EP
    (Space Event 2012)

    Apres Sky M


    Medium Plane
    Cost -140 Event Currency
    Time: 12 Hours
    Cost: 600 AirCoins
    Reward: 60 EP, 600 DF
    (Polar Weeks Event 2012)

    Skyrama Airena


    Cost -50 Event Currency
    Produces: 125 Passengers
    Time: 10 minutes
    Size: 5x5
    (Polar Weeks Event 2012)

    Lord van der Flake


    Tech Decoration
    Cost -30 Event Currency
    Effect: - 2,5% Service Time
    Radius: 1
    Size: 1x1
    (Polar Weeks Event 2012)

    Palm Grove


    Cost -20 Event Currency
    Passengers: +6
    Radius: 1
    Size: 1x1
    (Pirate Event 2013)

    Event Backgrond:


    Event Baskets

    Titor Package


    50 Event Currency
    25 Super Fuel
    10 AirCash

    Flux Package


    80 Event Currency
    250 Super Fuel
    1 Quick Service
    2 XXL Parts Sets
    3500 Passengers
    50 AirCash
    1 Small Hangar Slot
    1 Medium Hangar Slot
    1 Helicopter Hangar Slot
    1 Seaplane Hangar Slot​
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