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    Fly bys:
    How to Use them.
    When wanting to send a fly by, it is fairly simple.

    First step: Go to your Buddies list (As shown below)


    Second Step: Choose a Buddy to send a Fly by too.
    This can be done by hovering you mouse over the Buddy Icon.
    A window will pop up Fly by, Send, Visit, Delete.
    (As shown Below)


    Third Step: Click on the Fly by button to start the process.

    Fourth Step: A Banner Collection window will open.
    There are many Pre- made Fly bys to choose from all ranging at different price levels.
    (As Shown Below)


    There is also 1 - Create your own Fly by.
    It's the first Fly by in the top left corner.
    Choosing this particular fly by will allow you to send
    your own text to your Buddies.

    Fifth Step: If you choose a pre-made fly by, just click, send
    and go to the Sixth Step.

    However if you chose to Create your own,
    Type your message in the open section...
    and click Send.
    (As Shown Below)


    Sixth Step: Once you have clicked send, return to your Airport.
    On the runway you will see your fly by prepped and ready for flight.

    Click on the Fly by Glider to send it off.


    Seventh Step: Fly by on its way...
    Here is where you will see what you are sending your Buddy.
    (As Shown Below)


    We hope that you enjoy using this feature.

    Your Skyrama Team
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