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    This is a guide for new players starting the game:

    • What does it cost to send a plane?
    If you move the mouse over an aircraft there appears a tool tip. The red area shows what you have to "pay" to start the plane. In the green area you can see what you will receive when the aircraft comes back after his flight.​

    • Why do I get different amounts of Aircoins and XP for the same aircraft?
    If you send an airplane to a buddy and he services the plane, you will receive the double amount of Aircoins and XP.​

    • How do I return a plane?
    Return a plane means to land a plane which has been sent from a buddy to you. You have to land this plane, service it and send it back to your buddy.​

    • What are the hearts and how can I get these?
    For every buddy plane you service and each of your planes, the buddy services, you will receive a heart. The hearts which are shown under the flag of a buddy in the buddy list, give information about how many planes you have already exchanged with that buddy.​

    • What happens if I am not online and a friend sends me a plane?
    When you send planes to a buddy which get not serviced, they fly back after the expiry of the service time again. Your buddy gets none and you will receive only the basic amount of Aircoins and XP.​

    • What happens when the time is up to service a buddy plane?
    The plane disappears from your airport and returns to sender. In this case there are no hearts or other benefits for you.​

    • Can I sell aircrafts, buildings and decorations again?
    You can not sell aircrafts but you can dismantle them in the recyclingcenter or scrap them.
    In the first case, you will receive components for building L-Planes.
    Buildings and decorations can be sold in your storage.​

    You can collect goods to fill your shops. By selling the products in your shop, you will receive Aircoins.​

    • How do I get merchandise?
    Many passengers planes bring merchandise which you can sell in your shops. You will see a symbol looking like a red shopping bag when the plane unloads at the parking bay.
    If you collect it and your shops are filled with products to sell, you will receive Aircoins.​

    With this feature, you can send buddies a little message. A small paraglider flies around above the airport of your friend and shows him the banner which you have chosen.​

    Using this function, you can visit the airport of a friend. You can also pick up some passengers at their airport. But do not worry, your friend will not lose any passengers from your visit.
    If your friend then logs back on, he will receive a message that you have visited his airport.​

    • I invited a friend, but he did not receive an e-mail.
    We send the e-mails but they are not sent immediately. They are bundled and sent out in groups. If you are ever not quite sure that the email address you've written is correct or it has been some time ago that you sent the invitation, then it is possible that he can not receive e-mails from Bigpoint. There are several possible reasons that we can not list all.​

    • What advantages does the inviting of friends have?
    If a friend of yours accepts an invitation, he will appear in your buddy list (with an amount of 10 hearts) - without your need to send an aircraft.​

    • Why does my friend not appear on my list after I have invited him in the game?
    Your friend must first log in again and accept your friend request.​

    Build up enough buildings to generate passengers, visit your friends and gather there and do not forget decorations on your airport to increase the amount of passengers you can collect from your buildings.​
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