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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Air-Henk, Apr 13, 2015.

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Do you want a option to delete more than 1 plane a day?

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  1. Air-Henk

    Air-Henk User

    Some players created a brainstorm about a new / different idea about the demolition of aircraft, seen here still no good solution has been found by the team.

    First, the opportunity was offered to demolish against Air-cash aircraft. The option is for players with a large fleet (1000+) is not realistic because they often want to demolish more than 100 planes. Since Bigpoint aircraft implements often have better statistics than planes that have previously appeared in the game, some players want to get rid of their older models.

    Now there is the option to demolish every day one plane. Again, money that the pace of it is much too low for some players. It takes sometimes a year or more to demolish all the planes that want to demolish a player. For beginners this option is fine.

    Therefore, we come up with an idea to demolish planes

    Make a new box like the blue water boxes and the red cargo boxes.

    for example a purple box.

    When you have enough of these boxes you can demolish a extra plane.

    so when you fly more you can demolish more planes. better for everybody.
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