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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by fyboy63, Mar 4, 2015.

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  1. fyboy63

    fyboy63 User

    ...your own plane, based on. How many planes you send in a certain amount of time or location of where you send or recieve them from. Or by accomplishing specific tasks. Just something to personalize and build your own aircraft......... Just my 2c
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  2. boeing787

    boeing787 User

    yes good idea send ur cargo planes to bring back certain aircraft parts ? to build and paint ur own planes .
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  3. fyboy63

    fyboy63 User

    Yeh something along those lines i guess. Say there's different fuselages that you can pick from, wing configurations, amount of passengers, time to travel etc. Based on the parts you collect from from traveling to different countries/states, you can then start to construct your own personal plane and paint it whatever you like once constructed. Just throwing the idea out there.
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  4. Jetbo

    Jetbo User

    Now that's a good idea - collecting plane parts from different countries instead of cheese, meat etc (is anyone out there who is seriously trying to get to level 9 in the shops?????)!
    Don't think it would be difficult to do from a developers point of view
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