Suggestion Change price of planes.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by czeria1988, Oct 21, 2020.

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  1. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    Prices are scattered to all possible numbers.

    Argenta - 60 AirCash - Change it to 10 AirCash
    A.I.R 1020 - 24 AirCash - Change it to 13 AirCash
    Airow - 15 AirCash - Its very good price! :)
    HiZpeed XVA - 34 AirCash - Change it to 14 AirCash
    UltrAir MI-II - 50 AirCash - Change it to 15 AirCash
    MillionAir X - 38 AirCash - Change it to 19 AirCash
    Ramaliner-Xplore - 20 AirCash - Its very good price! :)
    Ontonav (Cargo Plane) - 40 AirCash - Change it to 20 or 25 AirCash
    Carribean Cruiser - 45 AirCash - Change it to 16 AirCash
    Marwel Wing - 128 AirCash - Change it to 30 AirCash :eek:
    Tri-Ace - 38 AirCash -
    Change it to 25 AirCash
    Orc-Air - 19 AirCash - Very Good :)
    Stealth Copper - 57 AirCash - Change it to 21 AirCash
    Hulk-Hauler - 45 AirCash - Change it to 24 AirCash
    Samolyot 346 - 37 AirCash - Change it to 11 AirCash
    Rama-Super-Xplore - 33 AirCash - Change it to 9 AirCash
    Rama-M-SuperCargo - 37 AirCash - Change it to 10 AirCash

    Skyakutake - 5M - Change it to 500 000
    Sky Shuttle, C-Star - 350 000 - Change it to 210 000
    Rufus MK - 250 000 - Change it to 25 000
    Triple Fury - 2,5M - Change it to 250 000
    Lancelot - 1,2M - Change it to 215 000

    Event Planes
    The events are good, but think about it too.
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  2. good advice, but they will never consider your suggestion. because the game is a dead game. Bigboint will pay more attention to new games rather than looking at old games. Skyrama seems to have no future.
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  3. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    Unfortunately :(
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  4. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- User

    I honestly don't get why people want to have the planes cheaper. First, it's never going to happen, second, the prices are set for a reason. This feels like begging to me
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  5. It is very boring to buy these planes at these prices for a game without future.
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  6. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    Don't say you don't want it too :D
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  7. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- User

    Well I keep it simple. I don't need those planes at all. Why? I can have not that much worse planes much much cheaper and some from events are even better. As a player who plays almost from launch of the game I got to the point where I don't care much about plane stats. I buy them mostly because of their look. And yeah, some of the planes that are this expensive are really nice. And if I want them I can simply buy them and I don't have to even invest real money in the game. I got more than 1000 AirCash for free in the last few months, the developers were not that generous ever so far. On the other side I get that it can get frustrating for new players. But these planes are there mainly for players with bambilions of AirCoins and AirCash that do not know what to do with it anymore (Typically players around level 80) :D
  8. I would say game has a future, we even had recently a bonus code, to support this. Further more, there is a frontend developer who added that Privacy Settings 2-3 weeks ago, so this is a good sign that BigPoint allocated at least one resource / developer to do this. Game is free, but if you need fancy planes / moving forward faster you have to use real money / invest in AirCash which would let you buy better / nicer planes. As NewBlood mentioned, think we got this year 3-4 bonus codes, which gave us 300 AirCash each (600 on Happy Hour).
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  9. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B User

    will skyrama be updated?
    SKYRAMA 3.0?
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  10. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    I dont know.
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  11. madmax100

    madmax100 User

    skyrama isn't dead they will still keep the shop open and they have a seluttion to flash that is gonna to end
    so i think theyre still doing the best they can
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