Buddy Requests - 2024

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. lukyanyt

    lukyanyt User

    Username: lukyanyt

    User ID: 13734917

    LV: 52

    COUNTRY: Argentina

    Special requests: Global
  2. ito2468

    ito2468 User

    add me for missions and/or for playing together everyday (at least accompany me with online together), for now I accept small pessenger/small cargo and medium pessenger/medium cargo
    • Ingame name: ito2468
    • User ID: 6328795
    I usually play at 9.30pm (GMT+7) everyday
    I'll be excited if you online together
  3. HighWayMan

    HighWayMan User

    Greetings from HighWayMan

    Looking for buddies below level 35

    Name: HighWayMan / Denmark.
    ID: 13787076
    LV: 25

    See you up there where the fun is.
  4. ZGAGA-2012

    ZGAGA-2012 User

    Username: ZGAGA-2012

    Active player
  5. AMADI304

    AMADI304 User

    Username: AMADI304

    I can't only have big planes, rest u can send me :)
  6. while i cant play with MuschuHinkebein since maintenance you can find me on

    lvl 61

    yay MuschuHinkebein is back..

    **** Polyestra is inactive ****

    thank you for sending planes meanwhile.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2023
  7. DjHeitor

    DjHeitor User

    Returning to my origins with this old game, let's play together!

    Nickname: DjHeitor
    ID User: 3415113


    C you in the game
  8. Nono28

    Nono28 User

    bonjour, je suis nouvelle.

    Je recherche des amis :)

    Pseudo: Nono28


    Je vous attends
  9. Lockala

    Lockala User

    Username: Lockala
    User ID: 12054931
    Country: Germany
  10. Username: lucas991999
    User ID: 4212445
    Country: Austria
    Level: 49

    Active player
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2023
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  11. Username: Alcohooligans
    User ID : 13804000
    Country : Romania
  12. hugom70

    hugom70 User

    User: hugom70
    Id: 10798575
  13. jonastwent

    jonastwent User

    I am looking for some Buddys to exchange Planes with, location doesn't really matter :^)
    Name: jonastwent
    ID: 3458927
  14. perhof169

    perhof169 User

    User: Perhof169
    Country: Netherlands
  15. cory960

    cory960 User

    I need 7 hidrorama clipper.
    User: cory90
    country: México
  16. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    • Your Ingame name: zonixxx
    • Your User ID: 13791035
    • Your Country: Kazakhstan
    • Special requests (e.g. buddies from special countries): I will add everyone to exchange planes
  17. creep2000

    creep2000 User

    almost active everyday
    ingame name: creep2000
  18. csaba160

    csaba160 User

    Name: csaba160
    Country: Argentina
  19. Myrtve

    Myrtve User

    Hi, I play every day.
    Name: Myrtve
    Country: Bahamas
    ID: 2230095
  20. Hi, I'm every day in game
    Name: ETomekGhoster1
    Country: Poland
    ID: 13146216