Buddy Requests - 2024

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. mczyzews7

    mczyzews7 User

    Username: mczyzews7
    ID: 13688025
    Country: Poland
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  2. Hello,

    After a long break Im returning back to this game. Many of my old buddys are gone offline meanwhile and im searching for new buddys. It is to be noted that I don´t spend money in this game, so if you do expect someone with an high ammount of planes, and always ready to send those, dont add me. Im level 65 and I have 23 Helicopters, 12 Water-Planes, 80 Medium-sized planes, 8 Big Planes and 26 small planes.

    Username: der.scheinwerfer
    IG. Country: Iceland
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  3. TiagoPalms

    TiagoPalms User

    Nick: TiagoPalms
    Id: 13700811
    Level: 11
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  4. 22peter22

    22peter22 User

    Daily active lvl 39, looking for some friends to send planes to eatchother everyday :)
    nick: 22peter22
    ID: 6369591
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  5. sauronfrommordor
    Western US
    level 37 right now
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  6. RoseGreen

    RoseGreen User

    Nick: RoseGreen
    ID : 13711175
    Level 17

    Active Daily (apart from weekends)
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  7. Ferreiraum

    Ferreiraum User

    • Nick: Comandante26
    • ID: 9369001
    • Country: Brazil
  8. Name: AblazinEagle, User ID: 10528337 i just returned to the game after a long time...so much good memories i hope this game never dies
  9. Morbius

    Morbius User

    Usarname: Morbius
    User ID : 13717943
  10. Turkish

    Turkish User

    Hi ! I'm looking for active friends :

    Name : Turkish
    ID : 206361
  11. akkoska

    akkoska User

    Hi! I'm looking for active friends to send planes for each other! :)

    Name: akkoska
    ID: 12972228
    LVL: 46
  12. Morbius

    Morbius User

    Name :Morbius
    ID :13717943
    LVL :30
    HELLO! I'm looking for active friends to send planes for each other!
  13. MRxShoody

    MRxShoody User

    Name :MRxShoody
    ID :11924995
    LVL :24
  14. Hello,

    Add me :)
    Name : -le-boss-86-
    ID : 512889
    Lvl : 15

    Thanks ! :)
  15. Thejack

    Thejack User


    Add me: Thejack
    id 13742771

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  16. hugom70

    hugom70 User


    Hi, add me I need to return 7 SeaRama-Clipper but I accept everything!
    ID: 10798575
    LVL: 36
  17. lotnik0pl

    lotnik0pl User

    Username: lotnik0pl
    ID: 12389387
    Country: Poland
    Any XS, M plane or heli welcome here
  18. DocKrakan

    DocKrakan User

    Hi everyone !

    I'm back in this game, you can send me everything (currently I only can have XS and Medium but......... Anyway)
    DocKrakan - ID 13747508
    Country : Iceland

    See ya !
  19. TalArtemis

    TalArtemis User

    Hello !

    I play occasionally but I can send some planes

    Username : TalArtemis
    ID : 13747509
    Country : Ireland
    LVL : 10
  20. hello i need friends to send and receive planes ty

    mariocatalina 5756875