Buddy Requests - 2024

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Add me so we can exchange a lot of planes

  2. Tsukitei

    Tsukitei User

    Add me pls, kinda new and need some help with plaines

  3. Fakeboss20

    Fakeboss20 User

    Hello I don't have any friends in game.I started new.Can someone send his/her plane to my airport.

    Nickname= fake_boss


    You can text your nickname here then i can add you too

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  4. gotuzil49

    gotuzil49 User

    Name: gotuzil49
    ID: 13240145
    Level: 55
    From: Czech republic
    Airport in: Czech republic
    I´m looking for buddies all over the world, especially from Asia and Australia!
  5. Hey! I would be so happy if you guys sent me buddy requests, I will accept all of them!

    • In-Game Name: Patriktanki
    • User ID: 13650030
    • Country: Hungary
  6. SchPo643

    SchPo643 User

    Hey, I am back after a long break and I need some active players.
    Name : SchPo643
    PlayerID: 12988257
    Country : Germany
    Level 74
  7. R0biSAN

    R0biSAN User

    Username: R0biSAN
    User ID: 13669843
    Country: Romania
  8. orfi7

    orfi7 User

    Name: orfi7

    I play daily and always looking to service your planes.If you send me planes I will always send you back (unless I dont have at the moment).
  9. Name : BestEdward77
    ID : 10512879

    I'm from Belgium, I just want to send and receive planes :)
  10. angel9899

    angel9899 User

    Name: angel9899
    User-ID: 5690115
    Country: Russia

    In need of any sorts of planes. I'm active often so timezone shouldnt be an issue.
  11. Katokarii

    Katokarii User

    My ID: 13676880
    Unsername: Katokarii
    Country: PL
  12. Katrinek

    Katrinek User

    My ID: 13676969
  13. Grilanda

    Grilanda User

    My ID: 13676977
    Unsername: Grilanda
  14. Karteginna

    Karteginna User

    My ID :13677731
    Unsername: Karteginna
  15. charlois

    charlois User

    hi i am airport Charlois looking for new players ore acktive players u can just add me Thanx
  16. gotuzil49

    gotuzil49 User

  17. Forlox

    Forlox User

    • Forlox
    • 13009175
    • Portugal
    • Amigos para compartir aviones
  18. dm1010

    dm1010 User

    Username: dm1010
    User ID: 13685028
    Country: Ireland
    Level 6
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    SPQR-SPQR User

    Hello, I am connected very often.
    I can send you any type of plane.
    See you soon !
    My ID : 11775248