Buddy Requests - 2023

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. jarun1972

    jarun1972 User

    name: jarun1972
    Country: Croatia
    looking for new frends just add me
  2. Teqsunrz

    Teqsunrz User

    ID: 8395310
    Country: USA
    Returning player looking for new and active friends. Please add.
  3. DImbojet

    DImbojet User

    ID: 12782986
    Country: Netherlands
    Looking for active friends for completing my quests and ofcourse making money ;)
  4. karakterbomba
    ID: 12008297
    Country: Turkey
  5. wojtekpl999
    Country: Poland
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  6. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B User

    ID: 13169641
    China, seeking a new generation of buddies. I want more!!!
    You see... I've just came back. Level 45.
  7. Dani9009

    Dani9009 User

    • Username: Dani9009
    • User ID: 2870049
    • Country: Norway
  8. name: panagiothsolga7 61level
  9. kazemo

    kazemo User

    Name: kazemo
    ID: 13063000
    Country: Kína
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  10. Dormo

    Dormo User

    Hi mates i can only exept small planes my lvl is low.
    Name: Dormo
    Country: Lithuania
    Waiting for planes :)
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  11. sercool

    sercool User

    Nazwa użytkownika: sercool
    ID; 12853868
    88 LVL
    Kraj: Polska
    Flaga gry: Włochy
    Gram codziennie od 7.30 do 22.00.
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  12. Inart20

    Inart20 User

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for buddies from all over the world.
    Feel free to add me.
    Username: Inart20
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  13. My user name is: patricks2020
    I am a daily player, very active... please send as many planes as you can and I will return the favor! Thanks!!
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  14. Vinczejr

    Vinczejr User

    Username: Vinczejr
    User ID: 13467061
    Country: Romania
  15. charlois

    charlois User

    I AM Henry
    Airport name is Charlois
    mine is Level 72

    looking for acktive players ore new players are also very welcome
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  16. Back again

    Add me :)
    Name: Evelien0307
    User-ID: 10022024
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  17. papara

    papara User

    Hello everybody
    username: papara
    id: 2356750
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  18. Forlox

    Forlox User

    • nombre: Forlox
    • usuario: 13009175
    • país: Portugal
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  19. Lockala

    Lockala User


    username: Lockala
    id: 12054931
    country: Germany

    Almost always quickservice on.
  20. Lichty

    Lichty User

    Nazwa użytkownika: Lichty
    ID; 10608840
    29 LVL
    Kraj: Polska
    Flaga gry: Polska
    Almost always

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