Buddy Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. DPetrikov

    DPetrikov User

    Name: DPetrikov
    ID: 11241857
    Country The Netherlands
    Level: 27

    Love to work together with y'all!
  2. Nina2021

    Nina2021 User

    Hello, I need to complete a mission where I have to return 30 planes from Mexico, but I do not have any Mexican companion, if there are some here I would be grateful if you would add me to your list please, this is my Name: Nina2021, User ID: 12888315, Thank you and I'll be waiting, greetings

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  3. iFrosT_

    iFrosT_ User

    Username : sctp
    ID : 2274875
    Country : Canada
    Level : 36

    I want to sendback planes !
  4. Herge59

    Herge59 User

    Hello every body.
    I need some neighbours.
    Name : Herge59,
    ID number : 13183651
    Thank you
  5. Herge59

    Herge59 User

    Username : Herge59,
    ID : 13183651
    Country : Morocco in game but France in real life
    Level : 12 (new player)

    Is there anyone who can send me 4 Turbo XS to validate my quest. Thank U
  6. submewise

    submewise User

    Username: submewise
    ID: 13143994
    Country: Germany
    Level: 24

    I don't care about your level. Just send some planes back thx.
  7. Angelus4m

    Angelus4m User

    name: Angelus4m,
    ID utilisateur : 12435514
    plane exchange with any player
  8. ikke1975

    ikke1975 User


  9. Sathen07

    Sathen07 User

    ** EDITED ** Thanks ks everyone who has added me as a friend. I'm usually on around 10pm to 1am and i am in US Central Standard Time.

    User: Sathen07
    MyId: 13187003
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  10. Karic

    Karic User

    Send me all planes
  11. Sathen07

    Sathen07 User

    Hey Karic i just sent u a buddy request, ill send planes your way as soon as you accept
  12. Demoskilos

    Demoskilos User

    Hi All,

    Looking for buddies and planes to turn around. Started yesterday and growing fast but need your airplanes (4 Rama-XS-Turbo).

    My ID: 13187624
  13. Votan

    Votan User

    Hi i'm new here,

    I'm looking for friends.
    I'n from the Netherlands.
    Name is: Votan
    User-ID: 13188211
  14. Sathen07

    Sathen07 User

    Hey Demos i need the same quest, what time do you ussually play, be happy to setup a time so we can knock it out! I added you to my buddy list. I am in the us in Central Time, i ussually play in the evening, if you get this today i'll be on for the next couple hours
  15. mcmpra

    mcmpra User

    Name: mcmpra, User ID: 29744
    Online for the next few hours
  16. lütfen ekleyin
    ID: 11313654
  17. noctua

    noctua User

    Hey, I need buddies. All of the buddies I have are on really high levels and don't want to send me planes :(
    I'll be happy send planes to you!

    Name: noctua
    User ID: 13188862
  18. leminhph

    leminhph User

    Hey Skyrama Forum,

    I would love to work with you all. I would be looking forward to sending you planes. As I want to grow fast, it would be great if you can send me some planes. I always would try to send them back a 100% when I am online. I am looking forward to it!

    • leminhph
    • 13190080
    • Germany
  19. Hello guys,
    I would like to have some new active friends, who will send me planes in time 3 pm gmt+1
    (yes I googled it)

    Name: .kristiansmolko.
    ID: 568806
    I can't accept BIG planes or how are they called, but in some days, I'll be able to...
  20. DublinBaby

    DublinBaby User

    Hey Guys,

    Anyone who would like to add?
    I play as often as I can.

    Namn: DublinBaby
    ID: 3688390

    Looking forward to having you as my friend =)

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