Buddy Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. ufon01

    ufon01 User

    Name: alienufon
    ID: 13573291
    Country: Czech
    Special: need player who sending me planes constantly
  2. Username: ngrotebeverborg
    User ID: 3046522
    Country: NL
  3. Hyron

    Hyron User

    Username: Hyron
    User ID: 13575471
    Country: Hungary
  4. Username: -wiksander-
    Country: Netherlands
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  5. Username: -wiksander-
    Country: Netherlands
    Lvl: 36/37
  6. divinejuju

    divinejuju User

    Hey guys, came back and looking for currently active players.

    Username: divinejuju
    User Id: 94251
    Country: Switzerland
  7. Razzar

    Razzar User

    • Hello guys! I'm an active Skyrama player and I'm looking for people who can send and receive planes frequently. If anyone wants to share planes, feel free to add me. I usually stay active in the game until 5:00 AM European time (1:00 AM Brasília Time)
    • Username: sonia612
    • User ID: 9818860
    • Country: Brazil
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  8. Username: ивчо2004
    User Id: 6532931
    Country: Bulgaria
  9. Razzar

    Razzar User

    Hi, I noticed you sent me an invite on Skyrama. Would you like to play?
  10. skye97

    skye97 User

    Username: skye97
    Country: Turkey
    Level: 69
    Looking for players that maybe below 75 levels. I would like to help and play with you, add me.
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  11. Snjiurb

    Snjiurb User

    username: Snjiurb
    Country: Netherlands
    lvl: 14

    Searching for players around my level, (1-40) to get same tier airplanes back and forth
  12. wendy1989a

    wendy1989a User

    gebruikersnaam wendy1989a
    niveau 23
    land nederland
  13. Gabbyxx

    Gabbyxx User

    Hey everyone,

    I came back to the game yesterday.
    I'm looking for new active buddies :)

    Name: Gabbyxx
    Airport Location: US, Alabama.
    Timezone: US, Central (CST)
  14. bobo1983

    bobo1983 User

    Speel dagelijks

    Naam: bobo1983,
    User-ID: 13482473
    Level 73
    Timezone The Netherlands
  15. SendFly

    SendFly User

    Hey guys
    I need all of you to send me a friend request, because I currently lack friends ;(

    Country: Jamaica

    Thanks guys
  16. Username: fenerbahce_yakup90
    User-ID: 2237158
    Country: Turkey (origin: The Netherlands)

    Active player looking for active buddies!
  17. buboreka81

    buboreka81 User

    Hi :)
    Username: buboreka81
    ID: 13635640
    Country: Hungary (Europe)

    I'm glad you're nominated as a friend :)
  18. jococojo

    jococojo User

    Name: jococojo
    User-ID: 2711647
    Country: the Netherlands

    Really need friends to send my planes to (and to receive planes from offcourse! :) )
  19. jackiee

    jackiee User

    Hello, looking for active friends :)

    name: jackiee
    country: USA Oregon
  20. Hey, if u wanna trade planes, send me a friend invite :D

    Name: clevertonlindo
    User ID: 2638040

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