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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Nom: Tom-OMalley
    ID: 13131675
    Pays : France
    Connecté un peu la semaine (entre 16 h et 19 h (heure française))
    Et le week-end de 16 h à 6 h le lendemain !!!
    Bienvenue à tous ;)
  2. Kuncika6

    Kuncika6 User

    Username: Kuncika6
    id: 12810839
  3. yuriumeda

    yuriumeda User

    Username: yuriumeda
    Used ID: 13145392
    Country: Brazil
    Special Requests: none
  4. kubik2233

    kubik2233 User

    Username: kubik2233
    ID: 13104454
    Country: UK

    Small/medium planes
    Cargo: Silver

    I send passenger planes to whoever is online, so add me so we can double our profit :)
  5. javieh66

    javieh66 User

    User ID: 13149400
    Country: Spain
    Special request: Active people from anywhere
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    ID: 13025669
  7. Maléfique

    Maléfique User

    User ID 13150230
    Pays Belgique
    Nom Maléfique
    I play every day, but need planes to be able to advance thank you
    je joue tous les jours, mais besoin d'avions pour pouvoir avancer merci

  8. Ber1Hei

    Ber1Hei User

    User: Ber1Hei
    User ID: 12711120
    Country Germany
    Level 76

    Looking for new friends
    playing regularly to exchange planes
    min. at level 60
  9. Pomerani

    Pomerani User

    Name: Pomerani
    ID: 2048937
    Country: The Netherlands
    Level: 24

    I am looking for active friends who are willing to send and receive planes whenever we need! Please add me if you'd like. x
  10. Name: Bootsyvanden
    ID: 4346954
    Country: The Netherlands
    Level: 41

    I need new buddys to share all my flights with!
  11. chris9900

    chris9900 User

    name: chris9900
    player ID: 8116385
    country: the Netherlands
    hello there :) im looking for active buddies with good amounts of planes to help me get through missions and grow
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
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  12. Mystic1491

    Mystic1491 User

    Name: Mystic1491
    User ID: 13153233
    Country: South Carolina, United States
  13. Soddis

    Soddis User

    Name: Soddis
    User ID: 1241387
    Country: Norway
    Level: 57
    i have few buddies that are online
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  14. Username Aeropuerto68
    ID de usuario: 459970
  15. LSSK

    LSSK User

    I'm back, so if someone want to add me:
    ID: 12908690
  16. Hi all :)

    Name : Pattesz1998
    UserID: 9963251
    Country: Russia (but I am Hungarian)

    I can send planes all of you , just add me , and of course i can send back your planes , all day between 7 am and 22 pm
  17. emil126

    emil126 User

    The airport is looking for active players who are interested in freight and passenger cooperation.
    We currently accept any type of aircraft. We are a medium airport.
    We are looking for other airports to start cooperation:
    1. Freight at the level of the following products:
      • flour,
      • cheese,
      • steak,
      • gold,
      • silver,
      • wool,
      • cotton,
      • eggs,
      • chocolate.
    2. Passanger in every level
    We require a minimum airport with a level of 20.
    For adjusting the opening hours, please contact us.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
  18. USER NAME : cornhusker420
    LEVEL : 66
    long time player few years playing. many planes.
  19. Le_Poulpe

    Le_Poulpe User


    • Your Ingame name : Le_Poulpe
    • Your User ID : 13160652
    • Your Country : Equatorial Guinea
    • Special requests (e.g. buddies from special countries) : I need Ramacopters for tuning slots

  20. Ladiček06

    Ladiček06 User

    Name: Ladiček06
    ID: 7437017
    Level: 73/74

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