Buddy Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Aryu

    Aryu User

    Hello Pilots!

    Username: Aryu
    User-ID: 13088585
    Country: Portugal

    Would love to have some new active players, greetings!
  2. I have a mission that I have to send Skyrama 858 to Togo, now i'm sending them and I don't meet anybody. I'd like to find someone.
    Name: catalunya_2000, User ID: 916555

    Thank you all!
  3. Luca1975

    Luca1975 User

    ID 7661811
  4. racarama

    racarama User

    id 13233481 united states am
    special request i am looking for buddies in the united states around lvl 19
  5. Marlon1301

    Marlon1301 User

    Hello Guys,
    I need some active friends for cooperations and quests.
    Here is my Username in Skyrama:

    Thank you <3
  6. bellarose

    bellarose User

    Username: Bellarose
    User-ID: 13360081
    Country: USA
  7. NAME: alanWalker1999
    ID: 13025669
    Country Brazil
    friends from all over the world :)
  8. justtijmen

    justtijmen User

    Name: justtijmen
    ID: 12866963
    Country: Netherlands
    Just returned to this game and would like to meet some new people! :)
  9. Hii,

    Im back at this game and i am looking for new allies to send planes back and forth
    My name is fenerbahce_yakup90, ID: 2237158

    See ya :p
  10. Hi,

    Im back at this gam and i need someone to send me xs and m cargo planes plzz!!!

  11. jef1

    jef1 User

    i also need friends

    name is jef1 i just started need some help


    i am level 8 getting up there need some help
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  12. Karic

    Karic User

    Level 73
    ID: 12613754
  13. vila958

    vila958 User

    NOME: vila958
    ID: 9875622
    País Brasil
  14. submewise

    submewise User

    active player
  15. Naam: Robertakker1
    User-ID: 13167935
    Country: Nederland
  16. ranger2218

    ranger2218 User

    ID: 13311517
    Country: USA-WA
    I have a ton of planes and am fairly active. Add me and send the 10 coin 'flyby' messages for any planes needed for quests :)
  17. jococojo

    jococojo User

    ID: 2711647
    Country: The Netherlands
    I'm an active player, level 41 at this moment. Most of my planes only take a max of one hour to fly, so i can send them very often if you'd like. In return, i expect the same from you. Would really appreciate many airplanes at my airport :)
  18. charlois

    charlois User

    i am back looking for new frends just add me greets charlois
  19. Norway

    Norway User

    Goodbye to all my buddys, I have quit the game due to lack of interest from Skyrama. I will send only to a few players (2) who need help
    All flights sent to me will not be returned. The game is ending soon anyway and was good for many years.

    Best regards Besse
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