Buddy Requests - 2021

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Hi,
    just posted you a buddy request. My airport is in Mexico and I have a quest to send 'copters to Australia.
    I am usually not on much during the week and send mostly longtime planes.

    SKILLER! User

    I am level 69 have 200+ planes but I quit for a long time and pretty much none of my old Buddys are online. So I am looking for people who can land my planes and maybe also sent some back to me. Thanks
  3. Came back to skyrama after many years, so i need some buddies :)
    ID: 9393308
  4. Hello everyone, I'm from Brazil and I request new friends!
    nick: souzablitao
    Id: 12918171
  5. Corvinho

    Corvinho User

    Ingame: Corvinho

    I need friends and planes, please
  6. Yisc

    Yisc User

    Feel free to add me:

    Name: Yisc
    User-ID: 2640097
    Country: The Netherlands

    I like to help players with requests, so they can reach a next level. Feel free to send me a fly-by and ask me for anything you need.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2020
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  7. Aida

    Aida User

    Username: P0TV0RKA
    User ID: 1719
    Country: Slovakia
  8. Joyceri

    Joyceri User

    Nazwa: Joyceri
    ID użytkownika: 13309994
    Kraj: Polska
  9. NAME :BILLCOMXMOD35 waiting you to make me friend so as to send planes...activeee
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  10. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- User

    Name: -NewBlood-
    ID: 2035428
    Country: Spain
    I speak: Czech, English and a bit of German

    I am level 70 player who likes to help others. If you are new you can add me and I can help you with quests and if you are high level you can add me so we can send planes to each other :)
  11. akkoska

    akkoska User

    Name: akkoska
    Country: Slovakia

    Hello, im lookinfg for new friends :)
    I have fast service, so i can supply a lot of planes :)
    Thank you!
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  12. yuriumeda

    yuriumeda User

    Name: yuriumeda
    ID: 13145392
    Country: Brazil

    Hello. I'm just looking for new friends. I speak both English and Portuguese.
    Send me planes, and if I can, I'll help you with what you need. See you :)
  13. Cerflys

    Cerflys User

    Hello Airport managers,

    I would love to have some new active buddies. ;)

    Username: Cerflys
    User ID: 13309065
    Country: Libanon
  14. Stean

    Stean User

    Name: Stean
    ID: 12129050
    Country: Brazil
    Level: 72
  15. cheztata

    cheztata User

    Username : cheztata
    My ID 13318608
    Country: Thailande

    Add-me :)
  16. dany2376

    dany2376 User

    Username; dany2376
    ID; 2248694
    LVL 86
    Country Spain
    Game flag France

  17. AlfredoM33

    AlfredoM33 User

    Username: alfred9952
    ID: 6315712
    LVL: 39
    Country and Flag: El Salvador
    If you want help, let me know, ty :)
  18. petrkos8

    petrkos8 User

    MY ID: 6105072
    NAME: petrkos8

    QUICK SERVICE 40 hours
    PLS SEND ME PLANES 2 hours plus
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  19. Joyceri

    Joyceri User

    Nazwa: Joyceri,
    ID użytkownika: 13309994

    QS :)

    I'm practically sitting until midnight, so please send planes :)
    But so that they enter before midnight :)
  20. Username: Bootsyvanden
    User ID: 4346954
    Country: Netherlands


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