Buddy Requests - 2021

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. -MaGiiKz-

    -MaGiiKz- User

    Hey if somebody need something for mission just add me and send me Fly-by with what you want ;)
    PS: I don't send planes if we don't ask!o_O
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  2. RostenCZ

    RostenCZ User

    Hi, everyone :) I am RostenCZ and i from Czech republick (CZ/SK)
    name in game : RostenCZ
    Country : Spain
    Lvl : 75 for now
    700 planes.
  3. divyanshi

    divyanshi User

    hi this is kaish , my user id is :10057381
    country : india
    i need active friends
  4. Name: ProsperoBarb
    ID: 13305827
    Country: Japan
    Requests: only small planes - all of them :)
  5. poesjebas

    poesjebas User

    username: poesjebas
    id: 8432441
    country: Jamaica
    I want some mates to get planes from and to send plane to
  6. Naam: Evelien0307
    User-ID: 10022024
  7. Milor78

    Milor78 User

    I am looking for people active on the game to trade.
    My ID: 13005241
    Name: Milor78
    Lvl: 57
    Thanks to everyone who will add me.
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  8. RostenCZ

    RostenCZ User

    Name in game :lawwwson
    Id :11084716
    lvl :69
    Country :Tasmánie -Austrálie
    I have only 100, i am finding some player, like I.
    Age : 50y.o.

    I don t have QS. Thx I play for fun.
  9. Dávid0618

    Dávid0618 User

    Hello I'm From:Hungary
    1500 planes
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  10. Yeqar

    Yeqar User

    Hello managers,

    I would love to have some new players to fly with.

    Username: Yeqar
    User ID: 13307575
    Country: Kyrgistan
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  11. tynonnink

    tynonnink User

    hi everyone, my name is Tijn. im looking for new friends here
    username: Tynonnink
    ID: 9794877
    country: netherlands

    hope i see you soon!
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  12. Hello everyone
    I'm from Brazil
    Level: 34
    Id: 12763295
    Add me there I need active friends!
  13. LSSK

    LSSK User

    Friends still wanted ;)
    Name: LSSK
    ID: 12908690
    Level: 60
  14. johnny65

    johnny65 User

    I've been away for quite a while ... back now and in need of more friends to play with !!!
    Please add me if you want

  15. Fiindca03

    Fiindca03 User

    Haven't played in quite a while, but I thought I should come back because of the lockdown.
    User Name: fiindca
    ID: 12927785
    Country: Japan
    I need people that can send me planes.
  16. please help me get to level 40 by the end of the event so i can get some nice big planes, add me Flubertje300
  17. Hello!
    I am looking for new buddies if you would like to add me as friend, feel free to do so!
    User Id: 13308521
    Country: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  18. charlé93

    charlé93 User

    please ad me , my name is charlé93 , ID 7643569
    for turbo XS and Turbo M
  19. Hello I am timowagener , my user id is : 3939932
    country : The Netherlands
    i need active friends to send to and receive from
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  20. i want some buddy's

    chielheinen ID 13309217

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