Buddy Requests - 2021

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. targa007

    targa007 User

    My ID: 1066157
    My Username: targa007
    My Country: Belgium
    My Level: 51

    Im trying to be more active again, its been a while but I need some people to have evenings we can constantly send planes. Please add me if u do so. Willing to help everyone who needs it.
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  2. vila958

    vila958 User

    I want a friend to send me a long plane and receive my plane and send a long plane to receive me time Brazil
  3. Dani9009

    Dani9009 User

    • Username: Dani9009
    • User ID: 2870049
    • Country: Norway
    • Usually active after 19:00 PM UTC+01:00
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  4. finiesz

    finiesz User

    name: finiesz
    id: 13248360
    country: Hungary

    I started to play again after a while with a new account, I can serve smaller planes
  5. name: alomkorostor
    id: 431062
    country: Hungary
    level: 60
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  6. Albsure31

    Albsure31 User

    Hey Looking to join a group of players to send planes and return them so that I can complete daily tasks Is there such a group?
  7. My ID: 12705645
    My Username: mısırpası
    My Country: Türkmenistan
    My Level: 48
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  8. Elystics

    Elystics User

    My ID: 12849445
    Username: Elystics
    Country: The Netherlands
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  9. mogoai

    mogoai User

    Nom: mogoai, ID: 13250785
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  10. gyzmo81

    gyzmo81 User

    Nom: gyzmo81, ID: 11849309 france 37
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  11. Ber1Hei

    Ber1Hei User

    User ID: 12711120
    Username: Ber1Hei
    Country: Germany
    Level 79

    Playing more often at now starting winter period. Looking for new buddies at minimum level 60 for daily exchanges of planes.
    Preferred play time 10 AM to 4 PM German time (MEZ = UTC +1)
    playing generally without QS
  12. karınca

    karınca User

    My ID: 12722470
    My Username: karınca
    My Country: Türkiye
    My Level: 30
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  13. airegens

    airegens User

    name : airegens, ID utilisateur : 13252134 france
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  14. Name: duceanchovie, User ID: 13251691 airport in hawaii looking for new buddys
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  15. Mirengu77

    Mirengu77 User

    Hello people! I'm looking for new buddys. User ID:13227228, name Mirengu77, airport based in Ireland
  16. !cool!

    !cool! User

    My ID: 559814
    My Username: !cool!
    My Country: Belgium
    My Level: 24

    Looking for people to grow and complete missions with!
  17. Erypona

    Erypona User

    Hello there,
    my ingame name: Erypona
    Active player day by day
  18. My ID: 8029190
    My Username: pompidoe
    My Country: Holland
    My Level: 80
  19. Rembri

    Rembri User

    Good morning everybody!
    I would like to add some new buddies to exchange planes with.
    The last month I have made a nice spurt to level 74, and my plane list consists of many types, short & long.
    My proudest posession right now are my 200 Rufus MK II planes: 100 fully tuned and 100 2-star tuned.
    Just tell me you want them on your field and I'll send them to you :)
    Often play with quick service.

    One rule: only accept my planes if you can handle them and send me back hearts! That's the only way to play :)
    • My ingame name : Rembri
    • My User ID : 12850855
    • My country : Spain
    • My level : 74
  20. Rembri

    Rembri User

    Willem met 1 L ? :) heb je toegevoegd, voeg je mij ook toe?

    Added y'all buddy, add me back? Active player level 75 :)
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