Buddy Requests - 2020

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Username: DornasAirport
    User ID: 13256296
    Country: Brasil
  2. renata1103

    renata1103 User

    Hi Im 37 lvl please add me
    my nick renata1103
  3. badboys69

    badboys69 User

    I m'Christ,
    Level 19
    badboys69 - 13258453

    Add me for crazy flight
  4. daandb

    daandb User

    My ID: 12285018
    username: Daandb
    Country: The netherlands
    special request: not really just looking to expand my online friends list

    ~ Cheers
  5. dany2376

    dany2376 User

    Nombre: dany2376, ID de usuario: 2248694 LVL 85
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  6. verser

    verser User

    Nick: verser
    ID: 13261489
    Country: Poland
  7. Nom: _ParisOrly_
    ID : 10245521
    See you soon !
  8. Vanibu

    Vanibu User

    Hi, I'm looking for more buddys.
    Username: Vanibu
    User ID:13226042
  9. Greeting airport managers!
    I am Britannia-Airways and,i am looking for new buddies.
    My airport is located in United Kingdom and i have level 67!
    Online usually a couple of hours in morning and,a couple of hours after midnight.
    Quick service in weekends however,this is not always the case.
    Something may not be able to land your planes as i have a full time job and other activities!
    Please be understandable and dont get upset when that happen!
    Kind Regards,
  10. Aryu

    Aryu User

    Hello managers!

    I am daily online on skyrama and I would like to have some more friends to fly with. :)

    Username: Aryu
    Country: Portugal
    Level: 45

    See you soon!

  11. kjøttkake

    kjøttkake User

    Username: kjøttkake
    User ID: 12456972
    Country: Spain
  12. Dummer50

    Dummer50 User

    Hello! I play daily!

    Username : Dummer50
    User ID: 11652613
    Country: Australia
  13. spyplane99

    spyplane99 User

    • spyplane99
    • 11849761
    • United Kingdom
  14. Dummer50

    Dummer50 User

    Hello! I play daily!

    Username : Dummer50
    User ID: 11652613
    Country: Australia​
  15. Ber1Hei

    Ber1Hei User

    Username: Ber1Hei
    User ID: 12711120
    Country: Germany

    Playing nearly daily - gererally without QS
    Level 79
  16. Dummer50

    Dummer50 User

    Hello! I play daily!

    Username : Dummer50
    User ID: 11652613
  17. Rena

    Rena User

    username. mariarena
  18. husky016

    husky016 User

    Hello, Im searching for some new buddys to change planes with, airport open mostly all day so feel free to send anything :)
    User ID: 7498027
    Username: husky016
    Country : Czech Republic
    Level : 72
  19. SchPo643

    SchPo643 User

    Username: SchPo643
    User ID: 12988257
    Country: Ger

    I still need some active players.
    Level doesn't matter.
    I have over 1300 planes.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2019
  20. Daan-PL

    Daan-PL User

    Hello Airport managers!

    Username: Daan-PL
    User ID:10317460
    Country: Poland
    Level 80

    Feel free to add me if you haven't done yet!

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