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  1. kiju96951

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    we are the BBG air port. we got 4 other airports in other countrys that just have cargo planes so we can send products around. our master is kiju96951 and thats the username for our main airport.

    GL HF

    -BBG Airports GROUP

    We will come with the usernames for the cargo airports but hers the wheet air port
    Our airport system arent done yet. ( and we will try so all players have atleast 1 airport for ech material from BBG Airport).

    The way we are gonna send u planes that u whrite a message in game:

    I Want (a number of small cargo planes u want like 2)

    Eks: I Want 3
    Then we will send 3 cargo planes to u after u have send the acc 3 rama-m-Turbos

    After that we get it u have to send the amount of cargo planes you want send back in rama-m-turbo ( this is so our users dont run out of money)

    Eks: u ordet 4 cargo planes (4*120) then u need to send 4 rama-m-Turbos (4*140) so our airport can make money. ( will wont not take any other planes and all our cargo planes are the small and ech can hold 120 of a Produkt.
    (ech plane take ca 9 minuts to send to u after we have sendt them)

    This isent up yet but the service will come later and we will announce when it comes live.

    Every order will take up to 1h ech and plz dont order to many planes at a time.
    just order like 4 planes at the time.

    -BBG Airport Group

    Whrite a comment bellow if u have something u want to say or to add.

    We do this because its faster that to send and w8 for it to come back and u dont need to have cargo planes urself.

    We will also let u save up planes like if u send us 20 rama-m-Turbos we will remember that and we will send u cargo planes at the time u want 24/7. (we will only count a plane that we land not 1 that comes up on the radar so plz have some space between ech plane so it will be alot more easy for us.

    (i cant work on atm need to w8 to i come home)

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