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    Hello pilots and airport manager!

    Today I want to introduce myself and my airport.

    My name is Frank (see my
    profile page and the german forum) and I let my machine flying almost every day. Since I workin shifts, I manage my airport at different times!

    At my work-free weekends, and on weekends during an event and mini-events ("double experience") I play with quickservice. The traffic light is set during the fast track almost permanently on green (except for short breaks such as screenbreaks, meal breaks, coffee breaks, smoke breaks ;)), as it may well happen that the traffic light is set to. Otherwise, the traffic lights to 75% is green.

    There areas far as possible all airmen, whether small or large dispatched. Requests by Flyby's be happy, if possible, fulfilled. However Buddy's are preferred in settlement.

    In a lively airport operations by your machine I would be happy! :)

    More updates will follow from time to time.

    Translation by Google.:rolleyes:

    Bye and cu


    Name: Captain-Frank
    UserId: 10932833
    Language: German
    Airport Location and Homeland: Germany, Berlin
    Commissioning of the airport: 10/02/2012
    Screenshot: click on the image to enlarge

    Airport Equipment and Machinery:
    • Over 300 machines
    • 5 large runways
    • 5 small bays
    • 9 medium bays
    • 12 medium cargo bays
    • 6 helipad
    • 1 terminal gate
    • 1 medium terminal
    • 1 modern terminal 1
    • 1 modern terminal 2
    • 1 modern terminal 3
    • 2 seaports
    • 1 luxury Hotel
    • 4 shops
    • 1 small hangar with over 110 machines
    • 1 medium hangar with over 110 machines
    • 1 seaplane hangar with over 30 machines
    • 1 helicopter hangar with over 30 machines

    Last update: 11/11/2015
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2015
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  2. Okay and thank you. I hope to have many friends.
  3. Yaysuz

    Yaysuz User

    Very nice airport! :)
  4. Mod-Mama

    Mod-Mama User

    Nice to have active player in game :)

    But now just need to remind that You just can't let third part to use your account, it's against the rules. If we find out that there's someone else than you using the account, we just need to close the airport :(

    Please, use your own account when you're having time to play and let your wife to create own airport :)
  5. Thank you for the information. ;)

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