Airport Open for New Planes!

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by benhardman, Dec 31, 2019.

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  1. benhardman

    benhardman User

    Hello all existing and new pilots on the Forum!

    Name: benhardman
    User-ID: 1766358
    Game Level: 76

    Total Planes: 1900+

    Small Hangar: 590

    120x Rufus Mk II
    60x Darkfyre Optika
    100x Rama-S-Quatro
    10x 1930s Racer-Hughes
    50x ICE Nipper
    60x ICE Frost Nipper
    60x Dedarama
    60x 1930s Geebee
    70x Rama-QS-Cargo

    Medium Hangar: 605

    10x Silver Flash
    5x Wonder/Marvel Wing
    50x Rama-Xperience
    40x Aero Dumbbell
    40x Pink Flight
    40x Rama-M-Superturbo
    100x Airow
    50x Sky Shuttle
    100x 858
    30x MillionAir X
    10x ICE Frost Sprinter
    20x CHAMP Marathoner
    30x Escargo-T
    30x Rama-M-Cargo
    30x GOLD Marathoner
    20x Ontonav

    Ramacopter Hangar: 130

    20x UltrAir MI-II
    30x Camo-Copter
    30x M3ga-01
    20x Montgolfier Balloon
    30x Ramacopter Starboard

    Seaplane Hangar: 450

    30x Shoulder Wing Air G-21
    20x ICE Aqua
    120x SeaRama-Clipper
    30x Sky-HOH
    100x Rama-M-Quatro
    100x Orc-Air
    50x C-Star

    Large Hangar: 74

    30x Ogoriv
    4x H155-XL-Python
    10x Mega-Cupid Plus
    20x ICE Frost Express Plus
    10x Hurri-ken

    Don't be shy to send me a request if you haven't done so already;)If you, need advice message me on here directly, or planes then send a flyby! I play with QS..

    Kind Regards,
    benhardman :rolleyes:
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  2. Wow! Send me some planes? :)
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  3. phboos

    phboos User

    Just keep up the good work
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  4. benhardman

    benhardman User

    Appreciate it friend! ;)
  5. hidhe

    hidhe User

    nice :cool:
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  6. hidhe

    hidhe User

    do you have skype or something ?
  7. Rembri

    Rembri User

    I added you, benhardman.
    Let's send each other some nice planes!
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  8. benhardman

    benhardman User

    Unfortunately not no, I don't think i've used Skype for over 5 years now, sorry mate! :confused:

    Thankyou Rembri, much appreciated! I will be sure to look out for your green light :)
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  9. hidhe

    hidhe User

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  10. balr.uud

    balr.uud User

    so much planes :eek:

    added you

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  11. jes-jes123

    jes-jes123 User

    added you guys!
    lvl 72
  12. -MaGiiKz-

    -MaGiiKz- User

    hey I had you too -MaGiiKz- lvl 57 California USA
  13. benhardman

    benhardman User

    Have almost 3k planes now, am on most days too! Happy New year everyone o_O
  14. charlois

    charlois User

    i wil add u i have about 400+ plains
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