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  1. Hello Pilots!

    This is the introduction of Airport

    in Argentina

    User ID 11576556
    (Our administration is based in Germany, so all schedules are related to UTC+1 time-zone)
    Donnerflug0071 is a international airport with flights to many countrys.
    New airlines are welcome.

    Current Level = 68


    Our Service-Times:
    Particularly at Events. Usually hours 8-17h (8am till 5pm).
    When there is no event: maybe I'm on, maybe I'm not.


    Our Services:
    Incoming Planes
    will be serviced soon as possible. All types of aircrafts can land on the airport. Express-Planes will not be served regularlay. Service of them is most likely when our Quick-Service is activated. In this case, we will announce Quick-Service here in the board.
    Outbound Planes will head for destinations from our buddy-list. Usually we send to users, that have sent to us. We send back only to users, that have send groups of passenger planes with flight-times of 1h-.... .
    There will be no reaction to imcoming Express-Planes and Cargo-Planes. Please do not expect reaction to single planes and very small groups.
    If xou expect us to send to you, take care of this: Please be sure your tower-light is green on arrival of your planes. Because it is possible that you are off or I'm off, you could coordinate flights by communication (fly-bys). Please be sure your tower-light is green, while communication/until our communication is fininished.;)


    Our Tower-Light:

    green: we expect flights to service them.
    red: we do not ecpect flights. May be I'm on and will service incoming flights. On red light it's not very probable that I will send my own aircraft.
    Your Tower-Light:
    green: we react like mentioned before.
    red: usually we do not send any aircraft or fly-by to 'red' airports. (Our buddy-list is too big to find it.) Only top-buddys (currently > 1000BP) can expect flights on red light.


    Have lots of fun with your flights!!!
  2. Open
    Next 10 hrs
    with Quickservice