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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Trackplus, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Thanks, I have updated, you find everything in my site
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    hope you can work with these uploads

    brubo / Rwanda / 12581771
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    updated ;)

    I have entered the numbers next to the planes to facilitate updates
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    Ciao Trackplus, ho riorganizzato i miei aerei L. L'ho distrutto, ne ho costruiti di nuovi. Al momento ho aerei da 900 litri. Per favore cancella i vecchi dati e scrivi quelli nuovi per favore.
    Hello Trackplus, I reorganized my L planes. I have dismantled some of it, I have built new ones. I currently have 900 L planes. Please delete the old data and write new ones please.

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    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] +10 mega cupido plus

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] +40 supergelo express

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] +80 XL Doppel D

    new entry

    [​IMG] [​IMG] +130 iceing 636 x20

    little player .... grows:p
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    Topgun123 non vedo le immagini, puoi elencarmi gli aerei con i numeri che ho inserito affianco ad ogni aereo ;)
    Topgun123 I don't see the images, you can list the planes with the numbers that I have inserted next to each plane;)
    Topgun123 Ich sehe die Bilder nicht, Sie können die Ebenen mit den Nummern auflisten, die ich neben jeder Ebene eingefügt habe;)
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  15. NameTypePointsMoneyTimeTime(in minutes)Points ScoreMoney ScoreCycles / dayTotal points / day
    Com Cod 1Large Airplane162108904:00:0024040.5272.256972
    Ontanov CLarge Airplane210147305:20:0032039.375276.18754.5945
    H-155Large Airplane12475603:20:0020037.2226.87.2892.8
    Boxing 636Large Airplane292208408:00:0048036.5260.53876
    Airtrain 38Large Airplane225151206:40:0040033.75226.83.6810
    Iceing 636 X20Large Airplane492303616:00:0096030.75189.751.5738
    XL Doppel DLarge Airplane468294016:00:0096029.25183.751.5702
    Mega Cupidon PlusLarge Airplane267191010:00:0060026.71912.4640.8

    Hey guys, I need your help, currently I'm at level 3 with L planes assembly hall, is it worth going forward? I did a top for L planes (from the ones I have) and to me so far it looks like Com Cod 1 has the best ration 40.5 points / hour (162 points in 4 hours). And this Com Cod 1 can be built right form the start ...
    I'm missing Syringe, Boxing 636 Shuttle (not sure if XL Doppel D points are right 468 XP / 16 hours)

    Can anyone tell me please the XP points / travel time when these planes are fully upgraded?
    Thank you!
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    the points of the XL Doppel D planes are correct ;)
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    "L" aircraft ranking updated


  19. Please update my inventory with 16 pcs of this plane
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